Vision and Mission

Our aim is to digitize, standardize and streamline the LF/SUC Assessment related workflows for all the stakeholders so as to ensure accurate and timely assessment thereby improving public revenues.

SARAS has been conceptualised and designed for use by all Licensees across India for all transactions and communications with DoT across the life cycle of the license, including submission of AGR and related documents, submission of deduction claims and related documents, LF/SUC payments, Bank Guarantee related submissions, receipt and response to various notifications and notice, including Deduction verification related Show Cause Notice, LF/SUC demand notices, BG related notices as well as submission and response to representation and grievances.

Thus ensuring

  • Direct online interface of licensees with department
  • Online filing and document repository of all compliance related documents, including AGR Statements, Deduction
  • Claims, BG, Representations, Deduction verification / Assessment reports/ Demand Notices etc.
  • Online scrutiny and verification of documents submitted by Licensees
  • Online LF and SUC Assessment and digitization of demand notices
  • Online Deduction Claim submission and verification and communication with Licensee
  • All department orders/guidelines built into process flows/business logics
  • Notifications to Licensee and departmental users through eMail/SMS
  • Online assessment of Non AGR based license also built in SARAS ( INSAT – MSSR, CMRTS, CUG-VSAT)
  • Online submission and response to representations/grievance of licensees
  • Integrated with Bharatkosh for one stop payment portal for all licensees
  • Online real-time tracking of Demand Notices, Bank Guarantee notices etc
  • Audit trail of all the activities performed by the users